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  • 8 Things an Israeli Startup Must Know About the UK Market
    - 6 minute read

    I've been in the United Kingdom for eight years now, working in the local business ecosystem. After hundreds of conferences, thousands of exchanges, customers, suppliers, investors, collaborations, and acceleration programs, numerous wins in national and international competitions, several investment rounds, and one technology startup - I summarized eight crucial points an Israeli startup should know about the British market in this article. Here's one for every year. Each of the topics could be its own post, but in this list is a macro-level review of the important aspects that will provide Israeli entrepreneurs and start-ups with an insight before attempting to join the UK market.

  • The Sciences Behind Whichit
    - 10 minute read

    If the Whichit Interactive Commercial Content (ICC) is so effective, it is only due to the fact that the psychology behind it is very powerful. Understanding why the technology that Whichit utilizes has so much potential comes from looking at what happens behind the scenes and the very foundation of the concept.