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  • Corona Now - Thoughts in the Shadow of the Apocalypse
    - 7 minute read

    With the emergence of the coronavirus that is spreading at an exponential rate, we are witnessing a world-class epidemic. Without a cure or vaccine on the horizon, many states are in a defensive position to try to curb the spread. Along the way, the various populations go into stress and chaos which leads to irrational actions and further deterioration. In this blog, I will try to share a collection of thoughts, on different levels, in an effort to shed some light on the situation. In the end, it's a game of time.

  • קורונה עכשיו. מחשבות בצל האפוקליפסה.
    - קריאה של 5 דקות

    עם הופעת וירוס הקורונה אשר מתפשט בקצב אקספוננציאלי, אנו עדים למגפה ברמה עולמית. בלי תרופה או חיסון באופק, מדינות רבות נכנסות למצב מגננה בניסיון לבלום את ההתפשטות. בדרך, האוכלוסיות השונות נכנסות למצב סטרס וכאוס אשר מוביל לפעולות לא רציונאליות ולהמשך הדרדרות המצב.

    בבלוג זה אנסה לשתף אוסף של מחשבות, ברבדים שונים, בשאיפה שישפוך מעט אור על המצב. בסופו של דבר, זהו משחק של זמן.

  • How to Plan; The Layers of Planning Concept
    - 8 minute read

    Let’s start with a joke: A CEO asks one of his senior executives to prepare the annual plan for the upcoming year and wants to focus on the marketing and business development plan. After a couple of weeks, a status meeting scheduled to present the preliminary deliverables. At the meeting, the senior manager presented his yearly plan: Two lines in excel, one for 'marketing plan' and the second for a 'business development plan', with 52 columns to represent the weeks. Then, in every single cell in the plan is one word: "On-Going."

    If it wouldn’t have been sad, it would have been funny.

  • The Impossible Work of a Founder and CEO
    - 6 minute read

    A tech-startup with a spectacular aura: innovative, disruptive, industry leading, successfully fund-raised, cool offices, great reputation, working with highly intelligent and creative people and as the founder you have the independence and freedom to fulfill your own dreams. They name successful start-ups after mythical creatures because the thing that makes them special is a type of magic that you can’t earn or buy.